Jewish Morocco: Marseille’s North African Lower East Side

August 25, 2012

I don’t know Chris Silver, the author of this piece, but it’s a great write up on his visit to Marseilles. Makes me anxious to get back to France!


nothing to do with the article...

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Three-Star General Was Behind Harsh Treatment of Bradley Manning, Defense Alleges | Threat Level |

August 11, 2012

Let’s not forget Bradley Manning!


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Spleen and Ideal – Tiane Doan na Champassak

August 10, 2012

An impressive body of photographs from this guy. So lovely, inspirational, and original. If only he’d been around to make the cover of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Some Girls’ album…

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My Favorite Skate Video

August 05, 2012

Gou Miyagi – overground broadcasting skate video”

This is the effervescence of skateboarding.
This is the splash of sweet champagne that caps all the best Saint Germaine cocktails.

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Reverse-Racism: The Simple Primer

July 01, 2012

Learn to be an oppressor with this simple guide!


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