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Terrible Thieving Thieves, the update

July 6, 2008

it’s really hard to write any more about this. the theft has been traumatic. i actually started crying the other night. and i get panicked if i’m in the art space for too long, convinced that the thieves are back, running amuck, while i’m there. it’s absolutely horrible at times. i’ve been talking to everyone […]

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Best (to) Face Forward

June 29, 2008

I’m trying to hold a formidable countenance in the face of a blow from a completely unexpected corner. earlier today my studio was broken into. the thieves were bold; they absconded in broad daylight with my last half year of work. on a crowded street and no one saw them. i was at work at […]

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Art Idea: books on tape parade

October 10, 2006

get a public domain work (text) have people from everywhere and anywhere read a single line record it send it to me amass all those voices into a single giant book on tape recording post online for any and everyone to hear better yet get a grant to have some codey write up software that […]

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