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Chefchouen and Meknes…

December 25, 2007

Chouen and Meknes hyeongssi and i are in a small and wretched affair of a town called chouen or chefchouen. it’s a few hours from tangiers. feels like being trapped in the food court of an american mall. all the joints are themed, but hyeong-chan loves this place so we are here for another day […]

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book idea# 4563

October 10, 2006

write a book on the history of marching bands or perhaps a book on the history of the modern day radical marching band. sf, nyc, london, greensborough, etcetera; wherever you find radical marching bands. should obviously include a disc of music and video. contact honkfest to see if they are interested in participating on any […]

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story idea #225.3

October 10, 2006

write out the whole ‘bombs and drugs’ story at JFK. coming back from europe. off to africa. things to remember: the tchkung show before you left the country (bombs) in madrid (drugs) the crazy lady with all the coke when you came back into the country your house was demolished when you got back to […]

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novel idea: white space

October 10, 2006

humans go out into space and discover that everyone they meet out there is black. or shades of brown. earth, it turns out, is the only place in the galaxy where white people occur…

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