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DK Pan Officially A Genius

August 11, 2011

‘It Was Bedlam!: DK Pan, You’re A Frickin’ Genius‘. An amazing honor has been bestowed on one one of my finest friends, DK Pan. He’s been given The Strangers’ Genius Award for 2011 in visual arts. Read about it!

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to get to the other side…

November 8, 2008

I’m off to korea in a few days… for Lim Inza’s seoul marginal theater festival 2008. I’ll be there for two weeks and not as a performer. Simply as an observer. This will be the first time i have ever traveled alone; its kind of a frightening prospect. I’m taking a couple of cameras, video […]

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while you were out…

August 5, 2008

hi. i’d like to present to you a short letter i found from my past that i believe neatly sums up my feelings about most everything that has ever happened on the earth. perhaps even before that, too. and thus after. perhaps so far after that heat death is forgotten. don’t know about heat death? […]

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Review: in/public: esse aficionado

July 20, 2008

yesterday i had the pleasure of leaving work early to escape into the streets. it’s beautiful here in seattle right now and the last thing i want to do is be cooped up in anything. it’s terrible that trapped feeling. i saw a theater performance last night by implied violence. there was a cage to […]

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Best (to) Face Forward

June 29, 2008

I’m trying to hold a formidable countenance in the face of a blow from a completely unexpected corner. earlier today my studio was broken into. the thieves were bold; they absconded in broad daylight with my last half year of work. on a crowded street and no one saw them. i was at work at […]

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