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D’jma Fnaa Noise

April 29, 2008

one day in Marrakesh, i was sitting on a rooftop drinking coffee. the city was just waking up. i had this amazing view of the entire d’jma fnaa (city square/market place) from our vantage point. so lovely. all these amazing sounds started building/roiling from the ground. cars. people’s voices. goats and braying donkeys arguing with […]

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Chefchouen and Meknes…

December 25, 2007

Chouen and Meknes hyeongssi and i are in a small and wretched affair of a town called chouen or chefchouen. it’s a few hours from tangiers. feels like being trapped in the food court of an american mall. all the joints are themed, but hyeong-chan loves this place so we are here for another day […]

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