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Watch my great friend Robb Kunz describing his object installation at Seattle’s Frye Art Museum.

November 18, 2012

It’s floating in the reflecting pool in front of the museum & plays music by Jherek Bischof and has its own security guard.

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art idea # 3: ‘whitebodycurtain’ (or silently yellow, too)

July 14, 2008

you will need: 1. a film or video to display 2. a projector 3. a lot of naked people. paint your naked people white or yellow. have them lined up as closely as possible. train them for various movements if you like as long as they stay close. if your projection is long you will […]

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Art Idea: Puppet Box

June 2, 2008

Take a mannequin. In strategic places, the groin, the breasts, the mouth, stomach, etcetera, install small video monitors. groin: hand doing gestures. breasts: milk spilling or tears falling. stomach: glue pooling. or bananas. mouth: moths or butterflies escaping. armpits: mold or flowers growing. ass: trumpets blowing angels or guns firing.

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OBViouS: Object Based Video Sculpture

May 26, 2008

video as object/video projected on objects. space: 911 media arts, seattle Exhibition Hours: Monday through Friday 12pm – 6pm Saturdays 1pm. – 6pm i was told that the purpose of this show was to explore what happens when you pit the sculptural versus the video-al. most of the pieces involve inserting the video as object […]

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art ideas: a salute to a deadbeach

April 18, 2007

1. construct a wall capable of holding a lot of stuff in a sticky, viscous veneer. 2. impregnate said sticky, viscous veneer with seashells. 2a. all such shells de mar must have their ridges pushed into the quagmiring veneer, that is to say, “allow their depths to be exposed to the plundering of the observant […]

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