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Where The Future Are You

June 22, 2013

This strange vision passed through me today. Smeared it on Twitter, but it kept sticking to my fingers. Hoping if it’s left here someone else will stumble through it and the Tin Man will be free. Will you be the Tin Man?

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Film: drops.walks

July 17, 2009

drops.walks is my first attempt at serious film making. it’s a short meditation on sexual chimerism and waning consent. or maybe it was just an excuse to make out with a lot of people in one day. drops.walks was created for the tubs film challenge, an event sponsored by the northwest film forum of seattle, […]

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June 30, 2009

{photography: steven miller} “flesh eating bitch,” he mumbled to himself. “what the fuck? what the fuck did you say you ravenous piece-a-shit?” she yelled back at him, striking his woolly head as she did so. “nothing, honey, i’m just talking to the baby…” his head was in her lap, lips kissing at her navel through […]

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art idea # 3: ‘whitebodycurtain’ (or silently yellow, too)

July 14, 2008

you will need: 1. a film or video to display 2. a projector 3. a lot of naked people. paint your naked people white or yellow. have them lined up as closely as possible. train them for various movements if you like as long as they stay close. if your projection is long you will […]

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Terrible Thieving Thieves, the update

July 6, 2008

it’s really hard to write any more about this. the theft has been traumatic. i actually started crying the other night. and i get panicked if i’m in the art space for too long, convinced that the thieves are back, running amuck, while i’m there. it’s absolutely horrible at times. i’ve been talking to everyone […]

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