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Ladies & Gentleman, Miss Azealia Banks

November 27, 2011

Azealia Banks has just taken me for a ride… This young woman is from Manhattan (212) and is ready to claim the entire island as her own. I suggest we all step back and see what she can do. She’s better than Bloomberg, obviously more articulate. Somebody give sweetthang a show in Seattle, yap? The distorted vocals […]

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Musical Performance: Right HERE/Right NOW

September 11, 2011

[UPDATE! Here/Now has finally posted the group portrait for the night and has written a short piece on the event; check it out here…] Last night I had the pleasure of playing an improvised set at Paige Barnes’ and Christopher Hydinger’s HERE/NOW improvisational performance event. This is their description of Here/Now: ‘HERE/NOW consists of 8 Dancers […]

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dance for me, baby

September 15, 2008

Buddha With Thousand Hands hello humanity, generous, generous humanity… in lieu of writing about my own experiences in the realm of film making i’d like to present something simply lovely in its performative existence. this is a recording/presentation of an ode to the buddhist goddess of compassion, kuan yin. i admit it is peculiar to […]

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Review: in/public: esse aficionado

July 20, 2008

yesterday i had the pleasure of leaving work early to escape into the streets. it’s beautiful here in seattle right now and the last thing i want to do is be cooped up in anything. it’s terrible that trapped feeling. i saw a theater performance last night by implied violence. there was a cage to […]

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