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Guilty, A Public Passion

August 16, 2011

Last weekend I was part of a ritualized public reading of Bataille’s ‘Guilty‘ out at the Smoke Farm complex. Photographer Dan Hawkins made a time-lapse video of our 7 hour adventure… Guilty is the edited diary of George Bataille written during World War 2. Bataille explores the guilt and anger he experiences at not being […]

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The Degenerate Art Ensemble in TimeoutNY

April 24, 2009

TimeoutNY has posted a review of our work-in-progress showing of last week. Read it here.

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Music: no confessions… a ring of fire

September 18, 2008

recently i went into the studio with my good friend anna huckabee. we recorded a cover of the cash family’s ring of fire. the song is by the lovely june and popularized by the cranky bastard johnny. and it really is the only song by the man i have ever had any affinity for. i […]

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Art Idea: Global Eyes

June 3, 2008

get disposable video cameras. mail them to artists in other countries. have them to shoot their art, themselves, other’s art, life, whimsy, whatever. get those cameras back. EXHIBIT! DON’T TRANSLATE!

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