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art idea # 3: ‘whitebodycurtain’ (or silently yellow, too)

July 14, 2008

you will need: 1. a film or video to display 2. a projector 3. a lot of naked people. paint your naked people white or yellow. have them lined up as closely as possible. train them for various movements if you like as long as they stay close. if your projection is long you will […]

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Art Idea: Global Eyes

June 3, 2008

get disposable video cameras. mail them to artists in other countries. have them to shoot their art, themselves, other’s art, life, whimsy, whatever. get those cameras back. EXHIBIT! DON’T TRANSLATE!

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Art Idea: Private Performance

June 3, 2008

1. Rent a hotel room 2. Invite a local performance artist to perform there 3. Invite interesting and fun locals to your room 4. Repeat in a different city

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Art Idea: Rename Reclaim

June 2, 2008

Make banners with simple concepts: ‘trees’ ‘people’ ‘cracks’ ‘vines’ hang in public areas ripe for reclamation. hang whatever you would like to see there.

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