Ghetto Blaster Backpack

January 15, 2013

This. I really need this. Ever since my Korean megaphone handbag died I’ve wondered what to replace it with…
Ghetto Blaster Backpack!

If only it was real…

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Islamic Science Fiction

January 05, 2013

A Mosque Among The Stars is a volume of Islamic SF published in 2007. The editors have decided to out it out under a CC license and give it away. I’ve been obsessed with the trappings of Islam for decades and am always on the lookout for stuff like this.

Go get it!

And be sure to check out the site,!


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Bronze Age ‘Microbrewery’ Unearthed At Cyprus Archaeological Site

November 29, 2012

I love tales of ancient beer.
It’s the start of human history!

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Watch my great friend Robb Kunz describing his object installation at Seattle’s Frye Art Museum.

November 18, 2012

It’s floating in the reflecting pool in front of the museum & plays music by Jherek Bischof and has its own security guard.

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Jen Graves, Ben Beres, Whatshertits, & Mamelles

November 16, 2012

Here in Seattle we’ve got a small controversy brewing over artist Ben Beres’ piece Mamelles. Originally slated for display at local art school, Cornish College Of The Arts, Ben’s piece was removed from a show on male artists due to the discomfort it caused some female employees at the school. Now, ad-hoc curator, Sierra Stinson, plans to show the work on November 18th at her one-night-only venue Vignettes.

Meanwhile, arts critic Jen Graves has written about the piece and its wake in the Stranger, a weekly paper. It’s a great article and rounds up a lot of the discussion.

Sierra sent invitations to the showing earlier today. Mamelles will be the only thing on display (and Ben). Hopefully, so will Ms. Graves and anyone else who’s interested in the piece. Ben’s said publicly he isn’t interested in discussing the piece, it’s impact, or his intentions, but if you feed anyone enough booze they’ll spill their secrets. Bring a bottle and offer to help him finish it.

I wrote back to Sierra upon receiving the invite and here’s my reply, “Just discussing this last night… It’s fantastic that you’re presenting this.
I love the complications of the piece and wonder how I would feel if it was names of black artists with images of gorilla heads above them. Being that a white guy did it, I might be no less upset even understanding the nature of the criticism evoked and knowing where it’s aimed.

And, we did all come from Africa.
And African ladies.

Pol Rosenthal, former African, never a lady, yet”

Here’s the piece for posterity’s sake:

Mamelles by Ben Beres

Mamelles by Ben Beres


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