Angela Y. Davis in Paris…

March 29, 2012

This is a fascinating essay on social activist Angela Y. Davis’ early life in France and Birmingham, Alabama. I met her once in the 1980s; gave her flowers and sat at her feet while crypto-klansman protested her presence. I was as mesmerized by her choice of fancy Reebok sneakers, her winks, and her smile as I was by her lecture. The Lady is a marvel.

More on the life of Professor Davis at wikipedia or your local public library…


with special thanks to he Black Power Mixtape for the source image!

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Lovely Workers

March 25, 2012

Some very nice people were by today. I took a few shots…

On their way to the Ball.

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Maybe U Need Sum Confidence…

March 06, 2012

You like your LGBT spicy with a little plain yogurt for the cool down?
Here’s your TasteeMeal for the day:

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It’s All Love For Africa

February 16, 2012

More of this, please.

Photo by Vincent Boisot from the World Press Photo Contest for best photos of 2012, Dakar, Senegal.

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Fuck Suicide Bombers (Graphic)

This has to stop.

From the World Press Photo Contest, best photos (journalism) of 2012.

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