A Mister Nagoski is streaming from his collection of old 78 records:

78 Vintage Grooves From Around The World…

So far I’ve hung out with a Japanese callgirl, then some syrup-voiced guy from the arabic-speaking world, then I think the next fella was crooning to me from Turkey. Now Lil Wally and his pals have me rockin’ a polka. There’s a great interview with Nagoski at NPR Music.

Then over to South Africa for the Pan African Space Station.
Much more contemporary and coming to you live for half the day (I think) from a bar in Cape Town.

Pan African Space Station…

They’ve been playing hot jazz, dance music, experimental sounds, and all kinds of other fine things for your ears. The station features djs and live musicians (not at the same time as far as I can tell, but I’ve only been listening for a week).

Two very different experiences and both are sonically exceptional! Broadcast this to everyone you know!

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