Azealia Banks has just taken me for a ride… This young woman is from Manhattan (212) and is ready to claim the entire island as her own. I suggest we all step back and see what she can do. She’s better than Bloomberg, obviously more articulate. Somebody give sweetthang a show in Seattle, yap?

The distorted vocals are beautiful as are the moments of full-out singing. Her voice has many timbres and she’s coming from too many locations at once.

The video itself is near perfect. The lofi aesthetic of the music is matched by the simplicity of the video. I’ve done a lot of thinking on video aesthetics  lately and this work hits a sweet spot. I’d only have enjoyed it more if they’d used a shittier camera to record it.

I think I’m a bit too excited by this track and the possibilities Miss Banks is offering to express myself articulately. It’s time to listen to this track a few more times then look at the rest of her work on YouTube. So happy to share this with the world.

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