This past April I once again had the pleasure of working with Dead Bird Movement choreographer Jessie Smith. Joining us onstage were Jim Kent and Anne Mathews. Jim’s a dancer and multi-instrumentalist working in Seattle and a wonderful person. Anne and I previously played in The Infernal Noise Brigade; we were the bass drummers for several years.

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Jessie Smith hangs on my poor neck.

Alice Gosti works at Seattle eatery The Pink Door in the Pike Place Market and is a modern dancer/choreographer. She hosts a regular ensemble of curated dancers called Beyond The Pink Door in the restaurant’s back room; this was its 7th iteration.

In attendance was photographer Joseph Lambert of Joseph has graciously allowed me to share a couple of snaps he took from that night. Thank you Joseph.

Our set up was simple and not unlike work Jessie and I’ve presented before. Jim played a Bach-derived piece on piano (his own invention); Anne and I provided percussive elements. Jessie performed a solo and then I joined her on stage. Jessie proceeded to climb/grapple me while I attempted to continue playing music and not strike her with my mallets or bean her with my bass drum. Anne and Jim held things together musically.

I’d like to say it was a success; lots of people congratulated us and that was wonderful. Our showing (all the showings) was 5 minutes in length, but so fraught with potential hazard that it seemed much longer. I was afraid of injuring Jessie with my instruments and the stage is tiny and raised. One wrong move and either of us could have toppled to the floor.

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On my knees like a good little musician.

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