1. mount a bicycle to a piano to allow it to strike the wires and produce sound.

should look insane/crazy. and be awful sounding.

build a fleet of these.

2. how can you produce bright red fireball explosions?

the kind that they have at major exhibitions where it’s all points of light sparkling in the sky?

could you have a half hour or more of just that?

then the next day green?

then blue or purple?

everyday a different color so the sky is just one big solid glow of a certain hue for a brief moment???

3. videotape firecrackers exploding in honey.

4. lay a trail of gunpowder on honey and burn it. maybe it extends or ends in a large explosion.

5. make collages in public from materials found in public.

using detritus and trash construct collages on public surfaces. like on walls.

Art Idea: Contemplations | 2011 | Art Idea