drops.walks is my first attempt at serious film making. it’s a short meditation on sexual chimerism and waning consent. or maybe it was just an excuse to make out with a lot of people in one day.

drops.walks was created for the tubs film challenge, an event sponsored by the northwest film forum of seattle, washington. Constructed with the creative assistance of sara murat and steven miller acting as camera people, cinematographers and providing onsite documentation. a lot of photographs were taken and a few have been used here and there in my work. check out the post ‘the end of all flesh‘ to see a few.

my good friend jessie smith of dead bird movement edited the film while i slept on a nearby sofa and robb kunz, also known as inphase prod/audible semaphore group, and i collaborated on the soundtrack.

at present i’m working on more films. i have this idea that i’d like to have 5 to a dozen short flicks produced by the end of 2009. none of them will be more than 5 or so minutes long. each will will be inhabited by a single theme or motif. dialogue free and purely expressions of art. well, they’ll be art in so much as they can’t be called anything else…

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9 Responses to “Film: drops.walks”

  1. rachael f. says:

    This is something that can be expanded and exaggerated even more. I just wanted more and I wanted it bigger.

    I love the sound.

    • artofmulata says:

      i did want to create a make out movie with at least 100 couples. then i started work on other stuff. then i became a misanthrope. but we’ll see. thank ye, miss rachael…

  2. arienne says:

    When I was a kid I always said “ewww” when there was a kissing scene and shut my eyes. I still do, in spite of the pretty people.

    • artofmulata says:

      so you didn’t actually see anything after the first minute and 20 seconds? damn, it’s all fake kissing anyway. those are not human tongues.

  3. Juan says:

    Hola Pol,

    Wowow… that was good, I am looking foward to see the next ones… I hope that you know that I will be happy to help in any way ( I can hold the lights ). So when you come back to me, at the digital Lab at PCNW we have brand new computers!

  4. Juliana says:

    Nicely done! Great that you have original music too. Probably not something you’re going to want show dad. Best to get him drunk first then queue it right up to the make out scenes. Congrats on the completion :)

  5. Dabetswe says:

    It’s beautiful. I like the mirror images in the background during the kissing in the second half.

  6. Josie says:

    Very interesting concept. I like the sound. Really you should consider Living Arts (Tulsa) (http://www.tulsaworld.com/scene/article.aspx?subjectid=272&articleid=20090228_272_D3_JoseTo199352) I think you would be well received.